Terms and conditions





Governing Law

‘I’ agree that the terms and conditions of the Customer/Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller Agreement, including the Marketing Plan and the Terms and Conditions and all other relevant documentation and any dispute arising thereunder shall be governed by English law and the Customer/Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller and the Company hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


‘We’, ‘Our’ ‘Us’ = TPL (Collectively TPL/Mo Brabus Ltd)

‘I’ ‘My’ ‘Me’ ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘Affiliated Members ’ ‘Affiliated Resellers ’ and “Customers” = the individual using in the TPL platform

 ‘We’ give no assurances to Affiliated Members or Affiliated Resellers that any prior success of other Affiliated Members or Affiliated Resellers is a projection of ‘your’ future results. 

‘Reward System Manipulation’ = Multiple Customer/Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller Accounts per 1 IP address.  (Also known as stacking), deliberate manipulation of the 10% sales commission/ any activity carried out to gain an unfair advantage in the Community Reward System or to intercept sales commissions to which my referring Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller is entitled.

As with any online opportunity there are unknown risks and TPL accept no responsibility for any loss incurred by its ‘Customers/Affiliated Members/Affiliated Resellers ’.  This includes unsuccessful advertising campaigns that are carried out in the pursuit of generating more sales of the TPL products or services.

The TPL Community Reward System is a unique and unprecedented reward System and TPL have to the best of TPL’s ability shared accurate information on the TPL website, recorded webinars and other materials made public by TPL.


A customer is a member of the public (consumer) who’s only desire is to acquire our services, such as human website visitors and digital education products by purchasing our credit packs at the full retail price of $18 per pack.

Affiliated Reseller

An Affiliated reseller is a self-employed entrepreneur, not a paid employee of TPL, who can both purchase and sell TPL products and services.  An Affiliated Reseller can then retail these packs via their duplicated website link to Customers visiting the TPL platform in exchange for up to 75% of the product or service fee. Affiliated Resellers also have the opportunity, (optional) to develop a Network of new Customers/Affiliated Members/Affiliated Resellers.  Any sale of a product or service to a personally referred Customer/Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller generates a 10% sales commission for the referring Affiliated Member/Reseller.

Affiliate Member

An Affiliated Member is not a paid employee of TPL but rather a self-employed entrepreneur who offers services to other TPL platform users. The affiliated member can if they wish turn on or off the Community Reward System at their leisure and keep up to 85% of every product or service they sell.

Product Delivery

You agree, as an Affiliated Member that website visitors are delivered to you and or your customers over a period of time; we can give no guarantee as to how long delivery of these visitors will take.

Member Privacy Promise

Personal and financial information including account balances, verified documents, messages and other information held by TPL is private and will not be disclosed to third parties.  TPL will dispose of all verification documents in a secure manner should an Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller leave or no longer be considered active.

Every transaction made between the” Customer/Affiliated Member /Affiliated reseller” and TPL is a private transaction.

All purchases by “you” the Affiliated Member/Reseller, are not considered a deposit or an investment of any kind and you agree

What does Traffic Power Line offer?

The TPL platform is designed to help new comers to the Internet and Network Marketing profession to excel in life and on line by providing 2 of the most important components of online success.  Our core services are the delivery of real human website visitors to help our customers increase their Websites Alexa Rank, Lead Generation and Conversions.  TPL also provide an extensive Digital Education Library to help new comers to the industry acquire the necessary skills and knowledge required to succeed in the online marketing world.


‘I’ agree that as dictated by UK legislation that ‘I’ and all Affiliated Resellers /Affiliated Members and Customers have the right to a 14-day full money back guarantee (14 day cooling off period).  ‘I’ agree that this will be minus any product already used.  ‘I’ also agree that any commissions generated due to the activity of a Affiliated Member or Affiliate who is still under the 14 day cooling off period will be placed into a ‘pending commissions’ balance and released when the Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller remains active after 15 days.  ‘I’ am aware that all refunds can take up to 28 days to process however most are completed within 14 days. ‘I’ agree that the 14-day refund policy for Affiliated Resellers is only valid on any purchases made in ‘my’ first 14 days.  ‘I’ agree that due to the digital nature of the TPL products, any purchases made after ‘my’ 14 day cooling off period are considered to be ‘my’ agreement that ‘I’ am happy with the TPL product moving forward and ‘I’ acknowledge that no further refunds will be considered after this time.

7-Day Maximum Purchase/Max 14 Day Purchase/Purchase Restrictions

‘I’ agree that in the first 24 hours of being a TPL Affiliated Member ‘I’ can only purchase products or services to the value of $54. After ‘my’ initial purchase and as dictated by UK legislation, ‘I’ the Affiliated Member/Reseller, am not allowed to purchase more than $230 (this fluctuates with GBP/USD exchange rates) worth of products in ‘my’ first 7 days.  ‘I’ also agree that purchase restrictions will be put on ‘my’ Affiliated Member account on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to prevent ‘me’ from achieving an unfair advantage over other participating Affiliated Members/Resellers and to prevent any possible manipulation of the Community Reward System.

Affiliated Member Agreement:

‘I’ agree that ‘I’ will not use the Community Reward System provided by TPL for any fraudulent activities and/or money laundering.

‘I’ agree that in the case of any dispute TPL have the right to hold back ‘my’ funds until the matter is resolved.

‘I’ agree that TPL has the right to disclose ‘my’ earnings information to authorities, if and when required by law or court order.

‘I’ acknowledge that all payments will be made to ‘my’ Affiliated Member Account.

‘I’ agree that all commissions arising from a Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller outside the 14-day cooling off period will be withheld in pending status for 15 days to deal with any refund requests made within the 14 day cooling off period.

‘I’ acknowledge that ‘I’ need to upload my KYC documents in order to become a verified Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller. After the verification process is complete ‘I’ may withdraw money.

‘I’ acknowledge that the minimum amount that ‘I’ can withdraw is $50.

‘I’ agree as a TPL Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller that TPL will rotate all of ‘my’ TPL marketing/advertising links every 3 – 6 hours to force a balanced promotion of both the Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller opportunity and the Consumer retail website.

‘I’ agree as a TPL Affiliated Member/ Affiliated Reseller that ‘I’ am required to meet certain qualification requirements if ‘I’ am to receive/benefit from any and all of the bonuses in the Community Reward System including a balanced ratio of Customer to Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller accounts in ‘my’ network.

‘I’ agree that TPL may, if requested, by any legal department, deduct income tax if required by law and deposit to the tax authorities on ‘my’ behalf.  This will only happen when requested to do so by law and/or court order.

‘I’ agree as an active TPL Affiliated Member/Reseller that ‘I’ will have to pay a 5% platform-processing fee on all retail sales processed by TPL on ‘my’ behalf.

‘I’ agree that ‘my’ Referrer will take 10% commission from any of my service sales and that ‘I’ (as the Affiliated Member) will incur this 5% platform fee for each service sale completed on the TPL platform.

‘I’ agree, as an Affiliated Member/Reseller, not to purchase more products than ‘I’ need, in an attempt to manipulate the Community Reward System.

‘I’ agree that ‘I’ will only create and/or benefit from 1 Affiliated Member/Reseller account and that if it is revealed I have more than one account then both accounts in my household will be suspended.

‘I’ agree that should ‘my’ Affiliated Member account activity be flagged for possible ‘Reward System manipulation’ that ‘my’ Affiliated Member Account will be suspended pending an investigation.

‘I’ agree that should TPL receive 3 consecutive complaints from any of ‘my’ referred Affiliated Resellers /Affiliated Members that the Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller in question has the right to request a change of referrer/sponsor/up-line.  This will only be authorized if the allegations of the complainant prove to be correct.  The referring Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller will be asked to provide proof of support and correspondence with the complainant.

‘I’ agree to hold TPL harmless from any loss and/or liability to ‘my’ purchases as an Affiliated Member/Reseller and therefore agree not purchase more products or services than ‘I’ can afford to pay for.  ‘I’ agree that  ‘I’ am spending at ‘my’ own risk and that there is no guarantee of any rewards in the TPL Community Reward System.

‘I’ agree that TPL is not responsible and/or liable for any internal or external loss of ‘my’ funds due to password sharing and/or Identity theft.  ‘I’ agree to keep my password secure and to use the strongest password possible including uppercase, lower case letters and special characters such as @!}.

‘I’ agree that all discussed information and/or replies coming from TPL by any means of communication, are of a private nature and therefore must be kept confidential and protected by copyright from any disclosure.

‘I’ agree that if ‘I’ am not an active, participating Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller ‘I’ am prohibited from modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, publishing, selling, creating derivative works and/or using any information available and/or through TPL without prior written consent.

‘I’ agree that Affiliated Resellers /Affiliated Members ONLY are permitted to promote TPL using legal methods. ‘I’ agree that any income promises made, or guarantees given deemed inconsistent with the information provided by TPL might result in a permanent account suspension.

‘I’ agree that I’ and any other ‘Affiliated Resellers ’ and/or ‘Affiliated Members ’ can and will not hold TPL responsible for any harm and/or loss to any person or group. Therefore, ‘I’ and all other ‘Affiliated Resellers ’ and ‘Affiliated Members ’ of TPL take full responsibility for ‘my’ method of promoting and marketing the Company, and ‘I’ agree that it must fully comply with these written terms.

‘I’ agree to request permission and or approval prior to the use of any personally created marketing/promotional material, not limited to flyers, leaflets, banners, videos, articles, power point presentations, spread sheets, art works, websites, domain names or any material used in the promotion of the TPL platform/Customer/Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller opportunity/reward System /commissions/benefits that are not endorsed by or provided by TPL in the Affiliated Member back office of the TPL platform.

‘I’ agree that the information, communications and/or materials TPL displays on the website whether on the Affiliated Member pages or public Consumer pages of the TPL website are for educational and informational purposes only. 

‘I’ agree that any and all of the TPL website content is not to be regarded as solicitation for business and/or investments in any jurisdiction which deems a non-public offer or solicitations unlawful, nor to any person whom it will be unlawful to make such an offer and/or solicitation.

‘I’ agree to adhere to all local and/or regional/state laws in ‘my’ country of residence and should these laws dictate ‘my’ participation as a Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller of TPL unlawful, ‘I’ will not participate as a Affiliated Member /Affiliate.

‘I’ acknowledge that ‘I’ am acting as an individual and not on behalf of any other entity and/or any authority. ‘I’ agree that any offer by TPL is void where prohibited by law.

‘I’ agree that during my participation as a TPL Affiliated Member /Affiliated Reseller/Customer and as dictated by UK law ‘I’ will where possible and instructed to do so provide ‘my’ personal information such as current photograph, name, address, telephone number, email address & Skype ID where possible on all marketing material provided by TPL for the promotion of the TPL Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller opportunity.  ‘I’ agree that in the interest of personal security, where an Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller s using internet marketing techniques in the promotion of the TPL platform ‘I’ am not required to include ‘my’ telephone number or house number but ‘I’ must provide at least 1 means of contact such as email address.

TPL reserve the right to suspend and/or close the operation of this site or sections thereof when, as a result of political, economic, military, monetary events and/or any other circumstances outside the control, responsibility and power of TPL site and company. The continued operation of this site is contingent upon the companys profit margins being sufficient to cover business expenses to continue business. In such event, TPL will provide updates and deliver services purchased where at all possible.

Money Laundering:

‘I’ agree that the TPL platform is conducted under the Money Laundering Prevention Law and such international laws.  Therefore, it is illegal to conduct or attempt to conduct a financial transaction with proceeds known to be attained from specified unlawful activity.  It includes the intent to promote the carrying out of unlawful activity, to evade taxes and/or conceal or disguise the nature of the proceeds and reporting requirements.


‘I’ agree that ‘my’ participation as a TPL Affiliated Member is ‘my’ agreement that ‘I’ am a self employed entrepreneur.  Under no circumstances am ‘I’ in any way considered to be an employee, paid or otherwise of TPL.  ‘I’ agree that ‘my’ only financial reward will be in the form of sales commission and possible rewards that are in no way guaranteed from the TPL Community Reward System Program.

‘I’ agree that it is ‘my’ sole responsibility as a Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller of TPL to pay all applicable taxes related to ‘my’ role as a ‘self employed’ Affiliated Member /Affiliate.

‘I’ agree that TPL has a "Zero-Tolerance" Anti-Spam Policy:  TPL will not tolerate SPAM, and/or any type of unsolicited bulk email/unsolicited commercial email in connection to ‘the’ site.

‘I’ agree to not use the company name and/or TPL site name in any connection/relation to send spam, solicited emails, and/or any other way there is.

‘I’ agree to not post false negative votes on public forums and/or any rating sites without contacting TPL first.  ‘I’ agree that there may have been a temporary technical problem and agree to make sure ‘I’ always resolve any kind of issues and/or difficulties with the TPL dedicated support staff.

I agree that if ‘I’ have violated this "Zero-Tolerance" Anti-Spam Policy, ‘I’ will lose the right of using the TPL service and all of ‘my’ account privileges will be immediately revoked.

‘I’ agree that violation of any kind to the terms and/or conditions mentioned here would result in ‘my’ account being permanently removed from the TPL Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller program, ‘I’ agree that ‘I’ will lose ‘my’ rights to use the TPL services, and all of ‘my’ account privileges will be immediately revoked and any and all account balances will be forfeited.

‘I’ agree that TPL reserve the right to change the commissions, rates, terms and/or conditions mentioned in this agreement at any given time and at ‘their’ sole discretion, with respect to the integrity and security of ‘TPL’ Affiliated Resellers /Affiliated Members /Customers interests.  ‘I’ agree that it is ‘my’ sole responsibility to review the most updated version of the TPL terms & conditions and of the services listed to which ‘I’ am bound on a weekly basis.  ‘I’ agree that certain provisions of the TPL terms and/or conditions of use may be superseded by other legal notice, located in other parts of the TPL website.

‘I’ acknowledge and agree that TPL will always do ‘its’ best to stay in contact with ‘me’ and keep the TPL site up and running.

Errors and Corrections:

‘I’ agree that whilst TPL will use reasonable efforts to include accurate and current information on the TPL Site, TPL do not guarantee that the site will be error-free.  Data entry errors or other technical problems may sometimes result in inaccurate information being shown.  TPL reserve the right to correct any inaccuracies or typographical errors on the Site, including pricing and availability of products and services, and shall accept no liability for such errors.  TPL may also make improvements and/or changes to the site’s features, functionality, or content at any time.  If ‘you’ see any information or description ‘you’ believe to be incorrect, please contact TPL and TPL will verify it for ‘you’.

Aggressive System Manipulation

‘I’ agree that TPL reserve the right to terminate any Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller account that TPL suspect is participating in ‘Reward System Manipulation’.

Account Termination

‘I’ agree that TPL reserve the right to terminate any Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller account, including ‘my’ own, where TPL feel that the future participation of the Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller is of no longer any benefit to TPL or its other Affiliated Resellers /Affiliated Members.   Under these circumstances TPL will endeavour to make sure that this Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller has not suffered any loss.  Such circumstance will only arise when the Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller in question is in breach of these terms.

TPL will not hold any responsibility for any adverts placed on the TPL site by advertisers.  It is ‘your’ sole responsibility to conduct due diligence before acting on any offer presented to ’you’ through TPL’s services.

‘I’ agree that in no event will TPL be liable for damages or losses, whether special circumstances, incidental, consequential, breach of contract or otherwise, that arise from a Affiliated Member/Affiliated Reseller viewing and acting on any of the offers displayed on TPL site or anywhere else.

‘I’ agree that ‘I’ am responsible for ‘my’ websites downtime, or typographical errors, which lead visitors to the wrong location.  Before purchasing ad credits and starting ‘my’ campaign, it is ‘my’ responsibility to ensure that ‘my’ ad is correct and the link is in working order by completing a test. Any views/clicks ‘I’ receive to the wrong link are ‘my’ full responsibility.

‘I’ agree that TPL cannot guarantee results for ‘my’ campaigns, TPL can only ensure that ‘I’ am able to receive all the visitors ‘I’ have paid for.  ‘I’ agree that results of campaigns can vary dependent upon individual personal needs and whether ‘my’ offer adequately communicates the ability to meet someone’s needs.

‘I agree that TPL accept all types of advertisements, except for websites that break the ad frame, sites that do not display in the ad frame (such as YouTube, google, Facebook links), adult content, gambling, interest/usury, illegal content, hate, racism, drugs, and alcohol.

‘I’ agree that TPL reserve the right to deny any advertisement that TPL do not see fit to be displayed.

‘I’ agree that any accusation made without proof, or any accusation made without intimidation, or any type of threat or disrespectful behaviour against TPL and/or towards any TPL Representatives/Assistants, will be deemed disrespectful and may lead to the permanent suspension of ‘my’ account.

‘I’ agree that TPL will endeavour to: prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure correct use of information.  ‘I’ also agree that TPL will go above and beyond appropriate industry standard procedures to safeguard the confidentiality of ‘my’ and any other Affiliated Resellers /Affiliated Members /Customers’ personal information, such as firewall, encryption, token authentication, application proxies, monitoring technology and adaptive analysis of the websites traffic to track abuse of the TPL website and its data.  ‘I’ acknowledge that no data transmitted over the Internet can be 100% secure.  ‘I’ also acknowledge that whilst TPL will endeavour to protect ‘my’ personal information, that TPL cannot guarantee the security of any of ‘my’ information that ‘I’ transmit to or from the participating Advertisers/Merchants.  ‘I’ agree that if doing so that ‘I’ do so at ‘my’ own risk.

‘I’ agree that if ‘my’ account remains inactive (90 days with no logins), TPL will consider the account abandoned and will close it.  All funds (meaning account balances & purchases) in the account will be forfeited and the balance zeroed. ‘I’ agree that under these circumstances any referrals in ‘my’ downline may request to change their sponsor.

‘I’ acknowledge that if an account holder is reported deceased, then upon verification of this, with the necessary documents, the person who was willed their account or estate will have access to their TPL account without any loss to account balance for inactivity. “I’ also agree that is it ‘my’ sole responsibility to make sure that such persons are aware of the procedure for doing this and that they are aware that they must make contact with TPL within 90 days.


Any enquiries/complaints should be addressed in writing to our dedicated Support Team via the Support Tab on the homepage.

NB:  If ‘you’ do not agree with the above terms and conditions in their entirety, please do not go any further or use ‘our’ TPL website.